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Eco-Friendly Energy Solutions

Shifting to solar can feel like a huge step at first. Even though you may want to contribute towards conserving the environment, you definitely don’t want to end up going over the budget.

Solar energy systems can suit your specific energy requirements, save on your energy bills, and can help in reducing carbon emissions from your property. We specialise in providing eco-friendly solar energy solutions for homes and businesses all across Canberra and Queanbeyan.

Working in the industry for over 19 years, we have a team of qualified solar installers trained to work on projects of all types and sizes. Our technicians are passionate about helping homes and businesses shift to solar energy; one of the cheapest sources of generating electricity.

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Save And Reuse Excess Energy With Solar Batteries

When you have a solar system on your property, there are times when your system generates more electricity than your requirement. This excess power goes into the grid and you get credit for the energy that your system feeds to the grid.

We can connect solar battery storage systems to your solar panels. With these batteries, you can store the excess power produced by your system and use it later when needed. Solar batteries are a real saviour when there’s a power outage in your area, or when there’s little to no sunshine, or at night time.

Residential Solar Systems Queanbeyan And Canberra

We are known for providing innovative solar system installations for your homes in Canberra and Queanbeyan. Our expert technicians suggest the best solar system after assessing your power consumption and other important factors. This way, they make sure you get to enjoy the benefits of your solar power system to the fullest.

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Commercial Solar Plans - The affordable solar experts in Canberra

Today more and more businesses are moving towards generating their own electricity. With our economical solar installation services, we make it easy to transition to solar energy, while making it easy on pocket and hassle-free.

From small scale businesses to large organisations, we will make sure your investment proves to be the smartest move you can ever make for your business.

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Additional Services

Apart from carrying out solar installations, we also offer cleaning and maintenance services for your systems. Our expert advice helps keep your solar system working optimally for years to come.

Our after-hours service can provide emergency assistance to homes and businesses with their malfunctioning solar systems. As soon as you call us, we’ll send our emergency technicians your way to diagnose and fix the issue.

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